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By strengthening its business management abilities through steps such as material procurement rationalization, and by providing the highest quality service through an integrated system covering throughout from communication to design and construction, Angel Constructions is working to make it possible for its Construction Business to continue successfully in a sustainable manner, even in the midst of the extremely difficult conditions in the construction industry.
Our philosophy is to offer real value to its clients and work with them in close and lasting co-operation that provides outstanding performance in relation to the maintenance, innovation and expansion of built-up environments. We recognized and acknowledged for the quality and reliability of our services as well as for the commitment, knowledge and experience of its employees.

From CEO’s desk
Every giant edifice begins its journey upward with one small brick. Way back in 2002, when Angel Constructions was established everything was fairly modest except its mission. Now having crossed more than 9 years of building up landmarks to the satisfaction of a sizeable clientele, Angel Constructions has already caught up with its noble mission.
We are specialists that are driven by passion, skills and expertise. As “craftsmen” aiming to enrich lives and create a better future, we focus on what will make a real difference to people, from functional to emotional, beyond only financial benefits.
Not only do we have a past that we can be proud of, but, we hold dear to our hearts, the future hopes and aspirations of the professionals who guide this company. We at Angel Constructions are looking at the future with a lot of optimism and without doubt we have the people and the resources to lead this company who are ready to make the best of opportunities with our high quality standards and strong relationship with our customers.
At Angel Constructions, we don’t just build, we craft prosperity.

P. John Francis 

Vision & Mission
Angel Constructions aims to achieve sound growth in its activities. In this context, reinforcing Angel’s presence in all the home markets is the highest priority. The second priority is to develop new concepts or products in segments with growth opportunities.
This policy is supported by four pillars:

  • Expertise at all levels continues to be the basis for the primary process.
  • All staff members must be able to apply the knowledge and experience widely available within the Group and thus increase Angel’s strength. The Company’s potential (people, knowledge, expertise and equipment) must be utilised in full.
  • Human resources management will ensure the availability of sufficient expertise and the development of management potential at every level in the Company. The focus will be on the development of skills and the expansion of knowledge, diversity in the workforce and on recruitment and selection.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility policy will focus on the improvement of health and safety in the supply chain, the reduction of the carbon footprint and waste.


ICI-Ultratech Award 2010
Vision and mission
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